1. The significance of the streets of Intramuros

    Intramuros is the oldest district of Manila, and was the original Manila before it expanded beyond the fortress city. The streets are the oldest streets in Manila and all has different stories on why it was named that way.

    Andres Soriano Sr. (Aduana)

    Andres Soriano Sr. is a Philippine Industrialist, along with the Araneta Zobel - Ayala Clan, they built the San Miguel Brewery. The Street is more known as Aduana, the custom house (Intendencia Building) was located here during the Spanish Period.

    Santo Tomas

    The name was derived from Saint Thomas Aquinas, this street was where the UST is located.

    Santa Clara

    The name was derived from Saint Claire, founder of Poor Clares, on this street once stood the Real Monasterio de Sta. Clara, the oldest nunnery in the Philippines.


    The word Cabildo means Municipal Council. In the northern end of the Cabildo street you will find the Ayuntamiento, Manila’s main edifico del estado during the Spanish Period.

    General Luna St.

    The street was named after Antonio Luna, a general during the Philippine Revolution. Originally, the street is named Calle del Palacio Real (Royal Palace), it starts from the Puerta Real (Royal Gate and ends the Governor’s Palace. During those times only two people have exclusive access to this street: the Archbishop of Manila and the Governor General of the Philippines.


    Beaterios are where beatas are located. Beatas are lay people who are dedicated to worship and charitable work. The Beaterio refers to the Beaterio de Santa Catalina which is on the north end of the street.


    The street is named after Simon de Anda, the rebel leader during the British Occupation and governor general from 1768 to 1776. The street was named Calle del Recogidas.

    Santa Potenciana

    The street is named after Santa Potenciana, patroness of Manila. It was on her feast day May 19 that Legaspi entered Manila. Santa Potenciana is a Roman Virgin that embraced Christianity during the third Century

    Real St.

    The street is just one of the numerous Calle Real that existed during the Spanish Period. It is from the word Real which means Royal. The Street is formerly known as Calle del Parian because it passes through the Parian Gate and the Parian District outside Intramuros.

    Victoria St.

    The street is named after one of the five ships that Magellan used in his expedition. Literally, it means Victory. The address 1 Victoria St. in the PC Barracks is the office of General McArthur. It is also known as the Calle de Escuela because of the Municipal School that is located here. Today Calle Escuela is a short street near the Manila High School.

    Muralla St.

    The street literally means wall. The street is located at the inner edges of the walls. Before they consisted of three different streets: Calle Fundicion (Foundry) in the current PLM stretch of the walls, Calle Baluarte fronting the San Juan de Letran and the original Calle Muralla behind the San Juan de Letran

    Calle San Juan de Letran

    Named after Saint John Latern, the Letran College is located in front of the street. The street was formerly named Calle Cerrada, meaning closed street.

    Legaspi St.

    The street is named after Miguel Lopez de Lagaspi, the Adelantado de Manila. The Street was also formerly called Calle de Bomba.

    Solana Street

    The named is named after Governor General Urbiztondo, the Marquis de Solana. The street is formerly known as Calle de Fonda, fonda means boarding house.

    Magallanes Street

    The street is named after Fernando Magallanes, the “discoverer” if the Islands in 1521. Also, a Paseo is also named after him at the outskirts of the wall, this is known as the Magallanes drive and was once the location of the Magellan Monument. The street was formerly known as Calle del Farol (lighthouse).

    Basco Street

    The Street is named after Governor General Jose Basco, the originator of the Tobacco Monopoly.

    Arzobispo Street

    The street is named so because the Palace of the Archbishop of Manila was once found here.

    Sta. Lucia Street

    The Street is named after Sta. Lucia, the street ends at the Sta. Lucia Gate.

    San Jose street

    The street is named after Saint Joseph. The Colegio de San Jose, the first tertiary institution in the Philippines was once found here, the college was closed when the Jesuits, the administrators of the school was expelled by the Spanish Monarchy.

    Map courtesy of Google Maps

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