1. Juan Luna’s Shrine, Badoc, Ilocos Norte

    Those who have guessed it right, the man on the town seal and the statue on the Town Hall of Badoc Ilocos Norte is Juan Luna. Juan Luna is from Badoc, Ilocos Norte. Near the Church of Badoc is the exact birthplace of Juan Luna. Juan Luna is even baptized in the church of Badoc. Seeing it from the material of the house, it can be deduced the Lunas and the Novicios are a prominent family in the town.

    The house as oral town traditions say got burned in 1861, and the Lunas based themselves in Manila to continue the studies of the Luna children in Manila. The house is a two story building, made up of bricks and contains some  personal memorabilia of Juan Luna: his palettes, his bed and some other personal things of the Luna Family and as well as the family tree of the Luna clan. Displayed in the house is the reproductions of all Juan Luna paintings. The house was reconstructed during the 1970s.

    This generation of Lunas will become all prominent figures in Philippine History. His brothers are equally prominent like him in other fields Manuel is a musician, Jose a politician, his younger brother Antonio a pharmacist and a general.

    All Lunas until Juan are all born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte except for Antonio, the youngest. Antonio was born in Binondo, Manila. Highlighting his very Manila boy upbringing, his pseudonym in the propaganda is Taga-Ilog (Tagalog).

    Going here is a bit tricky and the shine is a bit hidden in plain view as it is not at the bus stops or at the Highway. Find first the Luna Park in the middle of the town proper and is near the diversion road from the Highway. For me, I asked the locals to help me locate it.

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