1. Monuments Along Roxas Boulevard

    1. Rizal Monument
    2. San Lorenzo Ruiz, Quirino Grandstand
    3. Arsenio Lacson, Manila Baywalk
    4. Rajah Sulayman, Rajah Sulayman Park
    5. Benigno Aquino Jr. and Evelio Javier, Manila Baywalk
    6. Jose P. Laurel, Roxas Boulevard
    7. Manuel Roxas
    8. La Madre Filipina

    I am still unsure if the Baywalk Monuments (Arsenio Lacson, Benigno Aquino and Evelio Javier) are still in Baywalk. These photos are still from Summer 2010. As for the tree behind San Lorenzo Ruiz, urban legends say that it was personally planted by Blessed John Paul II during his first visit in Manila.

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    More Filipinos should know about these monuments and the stories behind them.
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  11. jpatrickpineda said: The statue was blessed by Pope John Paul II during St. Lorenzo’s beatification in 1981. The tree was planted by Pope Paul VI during his 1970 visit.
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    I have been a regular at Roxas Boulevard when I was a kid because of my dad, but I don’t remember seeing most of these....
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