1. Juan Luna, in 1886 painted a painting called Espana en Filipinas, which personified Spain and the Philippines. The personification of Spain carries the personification of the Philippines in a stair, onvthe way to progress as Spain showed it. This painting is in the Lopez Museum. This is the first personification of the Philippines ever, and I don’t even know why Juan dela Cruz remained.

    The same allegory is shown in the most recognizable landmark of Carcar in Cebu, the Carcar Rotunda. Here, in place of Spain, the personification of America is shown here, carrying Filipinas and pointing her to the way to progress. (Do I have followers from Cebu here? Can you please tell me what is the thing that “Mother America” points here?)

    I have yet to see a work of art in which Filipinas carries herself on the way to progress, without a maternal or paternal figure saddling her upwards.

    Photo Sources:

    Espana en Filipinas 

    Carcar Rotunda

    PS: I don’t know anything about the sculptor of the Carcar Rotunda.

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