1. The smoke has cleared, and Former President Joseph Estrada is now the incoming Mayor of the nation’s Capital City, Manila. The Manilenos, and Filipinos, in general, now have to bend to the will of the people who voted for Erap as Mayor, even Georgina Wilson herself.

    Being 76 years old (b 1937), he is another Manila Mayor born from the prewar days, he might have seen (in his young) Manila in its old Glory: Rizal’s Manila ala mis amores (Manila of our affections) and Joaquin’s Insigne y Siempre Leal Ciudad (Noble and Ever Loyal City). Rizal and Joaquin’s Manila, inspired great literary works, was a great city teeming with great people. With the liberation of Manila in 1945, that Manila vanished physically but continued existing, in literature, in photographs and in nostalgia of the already few people who witnessed that era. It continued existing in Memory. Manila might be the only city in Metro Manila that haven’t had a Mayor that is a postwar baby (if you can correct this fact, feel free to correct me).

    The incoming Mayor has a lot of work to do in three years (He promised to sit on one term ONLY and exit from politics). We have a Manila that is the city of our disaffections and an ignoble and faithless city. While three years is a short time span to produce concrete and tangible results results, what the incoming Mayor should do is to be a transitional Mayor: one to implement reforms to heal a financially bleeding city, and to find a visionary and a good successor to do the great things for Manila.

    It will be open now that I do not expect something great and substantial from the incoming Mayor given his past track record. It’s not our problem anymore, but it is his big problem to prove us wrong this time.

    He has a city and a society to lead. The current Mayor’s goal is to make citizens proud of their Manila again. A proud city is well populated with citizens proud of their city, and we sorely lack that.

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  2. Parallel to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo! comes the revitalization of its Flickr site.

    The Flickr Revival comes in a good time where I’m on the hunt for a good photodumping site. There are some Manila photos that failed to land on this blog that are here like the shots above.

    Let’s be contacts at Flickr! My Yahoo! ID is nikijon_tolentino. What’s yours?


  3. My Love Affair with Museums

    I love going to museums since I went back to Manila as an adult. Maybe, as always, scared of the consumerist atmosphere of malls or I have a phobia for places with so many different people like malls!

    Last Saturday, May 18, the world celebrated the International Museum Day. Many museums opened their facilities to the public on that day with free admission. Of this year, I heard Lopez Museum, Ayala Museum, and National Museum among others that are open for the International Museum Day. I decided to visit Ayala Museum on that day, and I was with Alexis and Ian on that day!


    And here are my buddies on that day, Ian and Alexis! (Source)


    Here is a painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, exhibited at the third floor of the Museum. The third floor of the museum exhibits creations of Fernando Amorsolo and Fernando Zobel. (Source)


    Here is the diorama of the Battle of Mactan in the second floor of the Museum. The Second Floor exhibits dioramas of important historic events in the Philippines. (Source)

    Somewhat missing in the photo is the Crossroads of Civilization exhibit, which features some of the best archaeological finds in the Philippines. Golden ornaments and household items are made by our ancestors, very long before the Europeans set foot here. The finds also conclude that we already have a developed society long before and has learned the importance of gold.

    Ayala Museum is located at Makati Avenue corne Dela Rosa Street in Makati City. If you get lost, the nearest landmark is Greenbelt 5.

    Celebrating the loveliness of the museums, here are the links of the other museums I’ve already visited.

    National Museum - National Art Gallery

    Rizal Shrine, Calamba, Laguna

    Burgos Museum, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

    Mabini Shrine, Tanauan City, Batangas

    Leon Apacible House, Taal Batangas

    Escolta Museum, Manila

    Casa Manila Museum, Intramuros, Manila

    Juan Luna Shrine, Badoc Ilocos Norte

    Quezon Memorial Shrine and Museum

    PS: All photos above are “patago” shoots from my mobile phone so don’t go on asking me on Ayala Museum’s photography rules. Photography in DSLR and Compact is strictly prohibited, I don’t know if the museum applies the same rules with mobile gadgets.

  4. Bella Flores, Philippine Cinema’s Primera Contrabida, passed away May 19, 2013. She made a big mark in Philippine Cinema by doing villainous characters.

    Snapshot grabbed from Kontrabida101 video in youtube.

  5. theurbanhistorian:

    We are still too preoccupied with the recently concluded elections that we  did not notice a great Theater Icon passed away. National Artist for Theater Daisy Hontiveros Avellana.

    More Reading here:

    Daisy Hontiveros Avellana–Why she will always be the ‘First Lady of Philippine Theater

    Daisy Hontiveros Avellana: A lifetime of theater

    Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana dies at 96

    PS: The video above, her famous breakdown scene in the Film Adaptation of Nick Joaquin’s “Portrait”.

    (via njytolentino)

  6. We are still too preoccupied with the recently concluded elections that we  did not notice a great Theater Icon passed away. National Artist for Theater Daisy Hontiveros Avellana.

    More Reading here:

    Daisy Hontiveros Avellana–Why she will always be the ‘First Lady of Philippine Theater

    Daisy Hontiveros Avellana: A lifetime of theater

    Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana dies at 96

    PS: The video above, her famous breakdown scene in the Film Adaptation of Nick Joaquin’s “Portrait”.


  7. mnltc asked: Death, The Moon.

    Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?

    I still want to become a Filipino, but I want to be reborn in a family from the Elite for reincarnation upgrade.

    The Moon: Describe a dream (or nightmare) you’ve had recently.

    The only remarkable dreams I always have is that I usually see coffins in my dreams. The exact dreams, I won’t divulge.


  8. vazkily asked: The Hermit, The Fool.

    The Hermit: Could you cope with living alone?

    If living alone as in totally alone in one place, I might not. But if you’ll define living alone as living outside your parent’s home, I already had the experience of that. I could cope with that.

    The Fool: Tell an embarrassing story.

    I could not think of any embarrasing and funny story so. I hope this would suffice.

    There was a time na nagwhite shirt ako, and all along baliktad pala siya. Plain lang kasi kaya no big difference. Ayun, nakauwi na ako noong napansin ko.


  9. Send me a Tarot Card.

    1. The Fool: Tell an embarrassing story.
    2. The Magician: Do you have a special talent?
    3. The High Priestess: Are you good at keeping secrets?
    4. The Empress: What do you desire most?
    5. The Emperor: Do you have any family traditions?
    6. The Hierophant: What is/was your favourite school subject?
    7. The Lovers: What qualities would your ideal partner have?
    8. The Chariot: Have you ever had to fight for something?
    9. Strength: What gives you strength?
    10. The Hermit: Could you cope with living alone?
    11. Wheel of Fortune: If you won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
    12. Justice: If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?
    13. The Hanged Man: Would you sacrifice your own life to save someone else's?
    14. Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?
    15. Temperance: Do you have good self control?
    16. The Devil: What do you think your worst quality is?
    17. The Tower: Describe your dream home.
    18. The Star: What inspires you?
    19. The Moon: Describe a dream (or nightmare) you've had recently.
    20. The Sun: Describe a childhood memory.
    21. Judgement: Have you ever done something that you were really ashamed of?
    22. Universe: What country would you most like to visit?
    23. http: //theurbanhistorian.tumblr.com/ask

  10. What’s your reaction on US TV’s biggest reveal after 8 years?

    Yep, I’m talking about How I Met Your Mother’s season finale finally revealing the identity of “The Girl on the Yellow Umbrella”.


  11. Late Night Tumblr Asks!

    I shut down my laptop early last night, and slept. Some of these asks were entered as I was sleeping. Before I begin another later at night, I’ll answer these already.

    lunalights asked you: Turn and Years. :)

    Turn: My grandpa, yeah. Didn’t have the chance for a final talk before he succumbed to cancer 2005. Internet didn’t exist for us back then so communicating with him (from NJ) is hard.

    Years: There was someone who bullied me back in High School… until I got fed up and punched him. After that, bullying ceased.

    safeundertheshell asked you: iTunes

    1. Collide - Howie Day
    2. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
    3. It’s Time - Imagine Dragons
    4. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
    5. Drops of Jupiter - Train
    6. The Scientist - Coldplay
    7. Paradise - Coldplay
    8. High - Lifehouse Family
    9. Starlight - Muse
    10. Cold Coffee - Ed Sheeran

    keziah-ziah asked you: iTunes and Years

    Hi! Please refer to my previous answers. Thanks!


  12. These are some 2013 Elections stories that you should be reading

    Because we are too absorbed with the Senatorial Race that we ignore the local politics of the areas. So how some Political Dynasties fared in this elections?

    In Olongapo City, the Gordons lost. I remember that Senatorial Candidate Dick Gordon is anti-Political Dynasty, I bet what Olongapo did is a feeler of what to do with political dynasties. As of this time, Senatorial Candidate Gordon is hovering in the 13th place. As the jokes in twitter tell us, “Konting push pa.”

    In Camarines Sur, the Villafuerte clan lost big time, with only 23 year old Migz Villafuerte winning as the new Governor of the said province, and winning over his grandfather Luis Villafuerte. Leni Robredo delivered the biggest blow to Villafuerte clan with a landslide victory in her district. With a young and untested Villafuerte at the Capitol, its either he’s easy to manipulate or easy to topple.

    The story is different in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, where the Singsons and the Marcoses are still in power.

    In Cebu, the Garcias are also over, with only incumbent Governor Gwen Garcia winning as a Congresswoman.

    It is interesting to note that the Political Dynasty issue is in the limelight in this 2013 Election. Let’s see how Political Dynasties will fare come 2016.

    The best way to dismantle Political Dynasties is to dismantle them at the Local Level, as we should say: Nip it in the Bud.


  13. Anonymous asked: Virgin

    she’s my future wife. Haha.


  14. mkquinn asked: vinyl

    Continued Silence - Imagine Dragons

    No. 5 Collaborations Project - Ed Sheeran

    Save Rock and Roll -  Fall Out Boy


  15. syahtoot asked: Future.

    Do you think you’d feel better if you know what’s going to happen to you later in your life?

    No, if what will happen later in life cannot be changed no matter what, that should make you always worry about your life.