1. Plaza Roma (formerly known as Plaza McKinley and Plaza Mayor), Intramuros.


  2. This is positive news, but don’t get excited yet. Looks like oil showed up, but we still don’t know if it is a large oil reserve.

  3. Free Flow


  4. joershares:

    This is something close to my heart that I think needs signal boosting and is worth the attention for everyone in Metro Manila. And I know for a fact that people care so I was hoping you could help share.

    Please read, reblog and sign-up.

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  5. Not visited Intramuros for nearly two months already. The last time I went on a stroll there, Manila Cathedral’s facade is being retrofitted for added structural strength. Is this finished already?

    Yep, I miss Intramuros already.



  7. Anonymous asked: I've always been curious why most of the old buildings along Avenida have pillars that create a "covered sidewalk". It's like a characteristic of the buildings of old Manila buildings. Do you have an idea when did it start and who/which (bldg) started it?

    You must be referring to the Arcaded Sidewalks. It is an important feature of some old Manila Buildings to provide covered walkways for the pedestrian to be protected from heat and the rains (especially in the tropics), maybe it started from the overhangs of the upper floors of the old Filipino-Hispanic Houses.

    There was actually an old ordinance in Manila during the prewar periods that the newer buildings in the downtown area (Binondo, Santa Cruz) should have arcaded sidewalks to provide convenience to the pedestrian. These streets where these are strictly required are the Escolta, Calle Rosario, Dasmarinas and Avenida Rizal. The practice actually continued in some of the buildings of the Makati Financial Center (see Glorietta).

    These architectural feature highlighted the pedestrian-orientation of the development of the old downtown but now they are already diminishing.


  8. Good News to the South Metro Commuters! Hey, the train schedules are posted in the PNR Website.

  9. The Paco Train Station

    Along Quirino Avenue in Manila near the entrance of the South Superhighway to Makati and CALABARZON is the Paco Train Station. As earlier post of mine state, the Paco train station was of William Parsons early Beaux Arts architecture and one of the biggest train stations of Manila when it was built. It survived the Liberation of Manila but not the neglect and the decline of railway transport in the Philippines. Though the PNR Metro Commuter is now rehabilitated and is now running in a 30 minute headway with a growing ridership, that did not equate to the rehabilitation of the building that was almost demolished in the late nineties. What is now the train station in Paco is a simplified platform station.

    It is one of the more important Train Stations of the Philippines as it is the junction of three earliest lines of the storied railway system: the South Mainline, the Cavite Line and the Rizal Line. The South Mainline was continued until Bicol but the Cavite and the Rizal line were closed few years after completion because of the lack of ridership. The irony is, had the railway concessionaires back then knew that these areas will grow and join the highly urbanized areas aside from the traditional Metropolitan Manila Area, maybe we will never have the problems of planning and even building the elevated railways like the LRT 1 Extension to Cavite and the LRT2 Extension to Masinag in Rizal Province.

    Maybe the Paco Station is the busiest station in its heydays.

    PS: Try to trace the routes through Google Maps, some still appear as railway tracks, some are not, but have been made as streets/roads but if PNR decides that it could use it again, they have the rights over it.

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  10. Noble and Ever Loyal City turned 3 today!

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  11. Building Blocks

  12. In light of the bus tragedy that happened earlier this day, there are wild calls to ban buses in the Metropolis or something like that. If we really want our Public Transport system to improve, just don’t ride those buses that have a reputation for being coffins in the road already, just let them go bankrupt.

    As for what to replace them? I might sound “sirang plaka” but this is how they do buses in Bogota, Colombia.

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    This is actually brilliant.

    I should have done this back when I was in School

  14. 3 Ways Instagram Is Turning Into a Twitter and Pinterest-Killer

    Oh hey! JaywalkersPH’s Instamuros event is in the article!

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  15. Bonifacio Monument

    Liwasang Bonifacio (Plaza Lawton), Manila

    PS: I’m not sure if this is also a Guillermo Tolention piece, if your are sure that it is, please confirm.